'ARTISAN GIFTS' is our gift shop within our large showroom.

It officially launched in July 2019 and it is stocked full of beautiful goodies made by 40 local artists and makers.

Our purpose for this shop is to celebrate shopping local and to show our customers that there are beautiful high quality handmade items that also help to support our local community.

We have a range of gorgeous unique items, including candles, handbags & scarves, soaps, honey, jams, wildlife prints, greetings cards, metal work, sewing and ceramics. Pop down and have a look and maybe get yourself a one-off gift!

We would like to introduce you to some of our fabulous artists below.

Carole Helsby

My main job is a gardener but find that on rainy days I can’t always work outside. I have used this to my advantage by turning my hand to different crafts that I have enjoyed for many years.


I originally started by making Christmas gifts but my range evolved and expanded and I now make items for all year round.

I hope you enjoy my items as much as I enjoy making them. 

Sam Cookson Maker

Combining three generations of antique salvage, found metalware and decorative junk with a preclusion for finding organic forms amongst the dextrius, my practise finds me on the border between sculptor and toymaker. My workshop too, reminiscent of every french brocante, garden shed and watchmakers back room i've ever come across.

Flis Rothwell

After studying Fine Art at university in Leeds I took a break from painting whilst entering the world of work.  Three years ago I decided to pick up my brushes again and haven’t put them down since.


I love the outdoors and wildlife which is why is mainly focus my paintings on  British wild animals.   


I work in oils because I like the process of building up layers and adding real depth and texture to my paintings; each painting you see will have dozens of layers which are barely, if at all visible in the finished work. This sense of depth is important as my subjects are always living and it goes some way to capturing the vitality and quality of the animals.

Sam Harris-Wright Art

Sam Harris-Wright is a Southport based artist who spent years exploring and defining his craft. Training in the pure discipline of fine art at Newcastle Uni led him to a period of travel where the natural wonders of the world inspired him to re-engage with the process of creation. Establishing himself in the more applied world of graphic design has given Sam the platform to be able to devote larger portions of his time towards documenting his passions, ranging from the natural world, through pop culture. food and drink, and travel. Sam's work adopts a bold and striking style across a variety of mediums

Aliki Bags

Aliki Bags are lovingly created from first conception to the last stitch by Kiki at her studio in Formby, which holds a wealth of beautiful materials: silk brocades, velvet, taffeta, muslin, linen, cotton, hessian, wool, felt, buttons and jewellery, both vintage and new. 

Aliki Bags express style and individuality, combined with practicality, durability and strength. Kiki takes particular delight in creating bags from high fashion designer clothes, which she carefully selects from the local charity shops. The garments are then deconstructed, washed and air/sun dried before Kiki finally decides on the design.

The Vintage Chandlery

The idea that scent can spontaneously evoke a memory and reconnect us to a moment in time with just one breath has always fascinated me and this is something I kept forefront in my mind when I began creating fragrance blends for our candles back in 2014.

Soy wax has many ecologically friendly benefits - being a renewable resource, it is fully biodegradable, Vegan and a carbon neutral product meaning you can enjoy your candle knowing it hasn’t had a negative impact on the environment.  

Inspired by nature and a collection of personal memories, our home fragrance collection are designed to not only enhance your space and place of comfort but to promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.  

Crafty Badger Ceramics

Combining my love of nature and my need to create has (with lots of twists and turns) led me to pottery! I first started attending a weekly local pottery class 5 years ago. When it suddenly closed its doors and moved to Liverpool I already had the clay bug and felt there was no choice but to buy my own wheel and kiln and set up in the shed at the end of my mum’s garden.

I haven’t look back since and I now have the ceramics studio here in Vintage Home. I run classes and make to sell at local craft fairs. I love every minute and hope that is apparent in my work.  

Markat Designs

I've been sewing and knitting for as long as I can remember making everything from curtains to prom dresses and a lot in between and realised that I wanted to make more - but the only way to do that was to start selling some of my makes!

I make cushions, lampshades, bunting, aprons, tea cosies, makeup/wash bags, tote bags and knitting bags.  All the items I make are based on things that I would use and on requests from family and friends. 

Wild 'n Bee

Wild ‘n Bee was co-founded in 2018 with my husband John, following my decision to no longer work in office based roles.

John already had beehives in our garden and produces honey and beeswax products for our family and friends.

I grew up in ‘wild’ Wales and my dad taught me much about nature, edibles and much more.

With this in mind I wanted to incorporate the outdoors, plants, research and face to face interaction with people in a new venture.

So we forage, create and offer natural